2013-02-03 36 -76

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Sun 3 Feb 2013 in 36,-76:
36.8070823, -76.1332988

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Brennaman Farm shopping center, Princess Anne Rd and South Plaza Tr, Virginia Beach, VA



I checked the weekend's hash points on Friday before I left work and was happy to see that Sunday's would be pretty close to my house. It's been a long time since I did a hash and this was the first one that's been reachable for me in the last week or so. After considering it for a little while I thought it might even be close enough to ride my bike to. That was pretty much the extent of the planning I did.


Since I never really do any bike riding in the winter I had to spent a while getting my bike back in shape. I set out about 2:00pm with 40 degree temps, but sunny skies. I made it about a block from home when I realized that my pant leg kept getting caught in the bike gears, so I had to go back home to take care of that.

Once I was back on the road everything went pretty smoothly. I was able to pick up South Paza Tr and follow it all the way to the hash. When I got to the shopping center, I rode around back to find the hash in a little courtyard. I was actually a little disappointed because I had thought it might be on the roof of the building and I was looking forward to seeing if I could find a way to climb up there to get it (I would not have been able to).

I took a couple photos at ground zero and then started back home. I did try to get a geocache in the front parking lot of the shopping center but it was missing, so I pressed on.



Archer27 earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (36, -76) geohash on 2013-02-03.
Archer27 earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 8 miles to and from the (36, -76) geohash on 2013-02-03.