2013-02-03 20 -156

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Sun 3 Feb 2013 in 20,-156:
20.8070823, -156.1332988

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[edit] Location

Near a rest stop and waterfall on Hana Hwy on Maui

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Go by on my way to the airport

[edit] Expedition

I didn't actually expect to make it to this hashpoint, as it seemed to be in heavy forest, but I didn't expect it to be quite so pretty.

I had brought a lunch around with me, and decided to eat it here after looking at the waterfall and gazing at the GPS and in the direction of the hashpoint.

There was a cat with a litter of (grown up) kittens and a mongoose hanging around the rest stop.

After lunch, I headed onwards to the next hashpoint and the airport.

[edit] Photos

Need to be uploaded!

[edit] Achievements

  • Mother Nature, except it was a retro