2013-02-02 38 -120

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Sat 2 Feb 2013 in 38,-120:
38.2335908, -120.9685229

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An island-like peninsula at Camanche Lake.



Go there, eat some snacks.


We left home around 2:30 PM, but had to stop for gas, so we didn't make the meetup time. At 4:00 PM we were on the peninsula, on the only road headed to the geohash, so we probably would have seen any other hashers if there had been anyone else.

It cost $7.50 to enter the area, which turned out to have campgrounds. The lake and vegetation where nice. It was green, quiet place. They provided a visitor map and an pamphlet about the place.

We drove until we reached a locked gate. We walked a the road that circled the hash. There were several boat-in campsites along the road. The hash was on top of the hill, with a good view of the lake. We saw many Canadian Geese. The top of the hill didn't seem to be visited much. (The ground was very soft, and there wasn't trash up there like there was closer to the shore.) The GPS was jumping around a bit, but I got within a couple yards of it.

After visiting the hash, we went over to a small bay-ish formation that my brother saw on the visitor map.


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