2013-01-31 60 22

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Thu 31 Jan 2013 in Turku:
60.4728784, 22.3112682

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There was again a geohash quite near to my home so I cycled here after a looooong day in work. The coordinates took me to the center of a field, luckily it isn't farmed but just an urban meadow growing grass and some un-useful plants. The exact location was about 40 meters from the roadside where I left my bike. I had a visual contact to the bike all the time so I didn't even locked it, just left the front light on so I could see it all the time. The ground was quite wet and slushy on the field, good that I had waterproof Goretex-shoes on my feet. I draw there an X to the ground on the location where my GPSr pointed, not very well visible in photo but there it still was. There wasn't much to see at the location, just wet snow, a suburb and a training area building nearby where people were going in and out all the time. I took some photos and then left back to my bike using my own tracks.

- nsk