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Wed 30 Jan 2013 in 47,8:
47.3116455, 8.1729487

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Zürich, Switzerland is currently in a hashclash with München, Germany. The clash will be won by the graticule to report more successful expeditions during January 2013.
You are free to side with one of the graticules and motivate it by cheering it on - or to demotivate the other one. Progress can be tracked here.


A frontyard in Leutwil AG.




Train from Zurich (2.38, r13) to Lenzburg (3.04, r7) to Boniswil (3.17), then walk. Get back in time to catch train to meeting in Berne.


The danger had become much less imminent. It had become impossible for München to overtake Zürich in the race for the most active graticule of the month award, as there were only two days to go and Zürich was leading by two points, but there was still the possibility of a par. Such things didn't really fit into the Swiss geohashers' world view, so Calamus went to get this hash which he might otherwise have left out.

But then again, he might not have. It was a simple point, in one of the Argovian villages Calamus had grown to love (or at least stopped fearing), and accessible by train from Zurich in less than an hour.

Calamus took the train to Lenzburg, a town whose exploration really was on his list, but hadn't been found time for yet. Therefrom he had a train to Boniswil, the closest village to the hashpoint which had a train station. He arrived there and walked, as he didn't like going by bus. The trail was steep, but short and easy, passing along a silently flowing forest brook. In the village of Leutwil (whose name translates to the distinctive description "village with people in it"), the point was easily located right next to a house, on the gravel frontyard.

After Calamus had taken his pictures, he was approached by a slightly bewildered neighbour who tried to find out why a stranger was taking pictures of a house without her question sounding like an accusation of burglary, the second part of which was an utter failure. Calamus gladly explained what he was doing, trying not to sound like a loony, the second part of which also was a failure. When he was done, the woman seemed to be even less delighted by his presence. Calamus had no idea whether she believed the absurd explanation, but she seemed genuinely relieved when the man from the internet bade her goodbye and left.


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