2013-01-30 -35 149

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Wed 30 Jan 2013 in -35,149:
-35.3116455, 149.1729487

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In the northern sector of a circle-irrigation turf farm on the "dairy flats" east of Duntroon, in Canberra, ACT.





1. Go at lunchtime, because it's near where I work.

2. Go after work, because -ditto-.



Option 2 prevailed; after work.

I needed to turn left at a traffic light rather than not turn.

ODD MOMENT: The night before, I had gone through this intersection and had an 'altercation' with a semi-Policeman (an un-sworn version, from the local Personal Protection Detail) at the site of a major crash, with two vehicles mangled and one on its top. He was doing a poor job of directing traffic with unclear signals, and had not turned off the traffic signals so that everyone was in confusion.

So, down the Dairy Flat Road, I stopped opposite the hash, out in the grass paddock/farm, and took some pictures; see the fence to keep intruders out. One picture was back towards Australia's Parliament House.


a. The farm is run by CANTURF (as in Canberra Turf);

b. CANTURF is known for its oddly humorous signage on its farms, hence see in this picture, "50 Shades of Green" -- an obvious allusion, with the "porn capital" just down the road;

c. See the turf-cutting machine near the sign, and the circular irrigation machine in the middle of the field.

Then, I could not put up this report and pictures until the next night.