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Mon 28 Jan 2013 in 50,8:
50.2048605, 8.3666056

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In the woods near Schlossborn



Drove to Schlossborn by car and went into the woods if the weather is fine enough.


The weather wasn't fine all day, it was drizzling and thawing. Anyway, in the afternoon I drove with EmmJay to Schlossborn, parked at the edge of the woods and unpacked the pram. In retrospect I had better taken the baby carrier because of the conditions of the forest paths. The first third of the around 800 m were very well drivable with the pram but the two byways we needed were nasty. For the last 25 m we went without the pram into the "deep" woods and after the typical hash dance we reached the coordinates. So, back to the pram and pushing it uphill the same way back to the car - but with much more effort and sweat.

On our way back we stopped at the "Hammersberg" to meet a friend with her son for a nice walk around the Hammersberg. All in all it was a felicitous afternoon.





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