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West of -30°: .6981062, .2718057
East of -30°: .2048605, .3666056
Globalhash: -53.125111918834, -48.021989835654 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

St. Louis, Missouri User:Team Tismon Just south of I-70 in north county St. Louis * N 38°41.8863', W 90°16.3083...
Providence, Rhode Island paul, Vbob roadside, Bristol, RI
Zürich, Switzerland Chris 47 8 A field near the small town of Auw, AG
München, Germany DerFlob, Zertrin, The T-Man At the edge of Gröbenzell, a suburb NW of München. A bit near Karlsfeld, lo...
Frankfurt am Main, Germany LadyBB, EmmJay In the woods near Schlossborn
Frankfurt am Main, Germany Rincewind, LadyBB, Emmjay In a sparse forest (according to satellite imagery), just off a forest path...

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