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Fri 25 Jan 2013 in 52,20:
52.0984692, 20.9180439

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A minor road in the village of Magdalenka, in a front of someone's house.



  1. 02/01/2013 - Norill has an idea to start geohashing with friends. He messages Ziemek they should meet sometime soon and plans to tell him about geohashing when they meet.
  2. 25/01/2013 9:15 - Norill overhears a conversation in a bus where 2 guys talk about geohashing. That reminds him to meet with Ziemek.
  3. 25/01/2013 15:22 - Norill messages Ziemek again.
  4. 25/01/2013 15:31 - Norill checks if there are any hashes nearby that day. He finds one only 8km away from his home and 2,5 km away from Janczewice, where Ziemek has been working that day. An expedition is born.


  1. 25/01/2013 21:00 - Ziemek picks up Norill with his car. Norill explains Ziemek what geohashing is.
  2. 25/01/2013 21:17 - Ziemek picks up Ziemba. He is also explained what's going on just then.
  3. 25/01/2013 21:40 - They buy food and drinks for the expedition.
  4. 25/01/2013 22:20 - They pick up Diana, saving her from stinky tramp in a bus.
  5. 25/01/2013 23:00 - They arrive at the place.

It was really cold, somewhere between -7°C and -10°C. The snow was too dry to build a full-sized snowman, so we took 3 or 4 blocks of packed snow that was lying on someone's fence and tried to stack them on each other. The effect is shown below. And in the end we run that snowman over using Ziemek's car.



Diana, Norill, Ziemba and Ziemek earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, 20) geohash on 2013-01-25.
Ziemek earned the cubicle geohash almost honorable mention
by working not that far from the (52, 20) geohash on 2013-01-25.
Ziemek working.jpg
Diana, Norill, Ziemba and Ziemek earned the Snowman Geohash Achievement
by building a snowman at the (52, 20) geohash on 2013-01-25.
Diana, Norill, Ziemba and Ziemek earned the Frozen Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (52, 20) geohash on 2013-01-25 while the temperature was -7°C.
Norill earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging Diana, Ziemba and Ziemek to the (52, 20) geohash on 2013-01-25.