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Mon 21 Jan 2013 in 46,11:
46.0896064, 11.5142364

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In the woods north of Samone, Trento. Close to a marked road




This popped up in my mind but I'm not 100% sure I am going to do it.

If anything goes right, I will leave straight after school, get a bus to Borgo Valsugana, switch to a bus to Samone. Once in the village, I'll walk to the hash, get back, take a bus to Borgo and a train to Trento from there. This part sounds easy enough. Now let's throw in some variables.

1. Timetables: I actually like the first part of my trip- I can catch the bus near my school, don't have to run desperately to avoid missing it (like on a previous trip). Compared to the last time I visited Borgo, the bus takes a shorter path too, and as soon as I'll get there, the bus to Samone will be ready to leave. The madness begins once in Samone. The hash is fairly distant from the main bus stop (Google approximates 2,4 km), and I have 65 minutes to reach it. I'd have to be very quick (I will be carrying my schoolbag as well...), and can't afford to get lost/have trouble finding the hash or similar things. Should the bus be late, I wouldn't probably even try. The worst part of all this is that once in Borgo I will have to wait a good 40 minutes for the train home- that's a lot of time. I'm not sure I can afford spending five hours on geohashing while I might be studying or doing something more productive (I thought about bringing more textbooks to keep me busy during the bus/train trips, but that will only make my bag heavier to carry around)

2. Poor mapping: As much as I love both Google Maps and OSM, the map of Samone is missing several roads I can spot with Street View- that means there might be shorter ways to get to the hashpoint instead of following Google's directions, but I'll have no time to experiment.

3. Food: being my timetables extremely strict, I can't afford to stop for lunch anywhere. Going until 3.40 pm without eating is absolutely out of the question. I'd bring packed lunch from home, but I just realized that I don't have much food in here, and stores are closed on Sundays.

4. Weather: all of the above wouldn't be THAT bad hadn't it been snowing for around 24 hours. If it were to snow tomorrow (which, luckily, looks unlikely), transports would pretty much freeze, I would get to Samone late. Also reaching an hashpoint which requires walking uphill in the mountains wouldn't exactly be the best. But even if it didn't snow, roads would all be snowy and icy, and it's going to take more than normal to reach the hashpoint.

To sum up, it will all depend on whether I feel like attempting a hard Mother Nature's my bitch Geohash when I wake up tomorrow morning.


In the end, I didn't go. I slept very bad during the night and felt dizzy all day. I could have never done it, so I thought I'd use my time for something more productive. I'll try this as a retrohash, another time!