2013-01-21 35 -92

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Mon 21 Jan 2013 in Conway:
35.0896064, -92.5142364

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In a backyard on the west end of Conway.


The hashpoint is actually in the same town as me, a first (for the U.S., at least, and defining London as a "town" is... tricky)! It's on the other end of town, of course, and apparently in somebody's backyard, but I can't turn down a hash so close. I don't know how or when, but I WILL get as close as possible to the hashpoint on Monday without trespassing. -Haberdasher 05:00, 19 January 2013 (EST)



Due to the difficulty in co-opting a friend's car for a geohashing expedition, I didn't actually get to the area of the hashpoint until about 11:40 PM. My GPS took a bit of time to update the current location, but upon asking it to recalculate the directions to the coordinates, it began updating, which may or may not have been coincidental.

The updated location made it clear that we were close, but that the hashpoint appeared to be behind the fence in the house's backyard, as previously determined via Google Maps. Even if I were keen on asking a home-owner in Arkansas to access their backyard for the sake of an Internet-based hobby, near midnight is not the proper time for such requests. I took pictures of the fence and the GPS' closest approach, my tag-along friend took a panoramic shot of the fence and surrounding area, and we left.



Haberdasher earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (35, -92) geohash on 2013-01-21.