2013-01-20 -35 149

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2013-01-20 17.09.57 =35 149 Baseball dress-code.jpg

Sun 20 Jan 2013 in -35,149:
-35.3461047, 149.1294375

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Bushland beside Hindmarsh Drive at Red Hill (near eastern end of Mugga Way).




This will happen after the Canberra Cavalry (baseball) game at Narrabundah Ballpark just down Hindmarsh Drive. The game starts at 1pm, so my guess is 3.30pm or maybe 4pm. I'll park near the hash and walk the few metres to the hash. This is a quite busy road and I'll have to park right off the edge of it to be safe.



I am a fan of th Canberra Cavalry baseball team and the match would normally have ended at about 3.30pm (starting at 1pm). However, the game went into three extra innings, and ended controversially in the 12th inning with a 'courageous' decision by the home-plate umpire that was in favour of the Cavalry -- unlike most of his decisions that match.

So, at about 5pm, I was driving along Hindmarsh Drive looking for a place to pull over and get to the hash, as there is an insummountable concrete kerb there (well, not a kerb to put a tyre across at 80kph!)

About 500m beyond the hash, I found somewhere that I could stop in the stream of traffic, and then walked back to the hash.

I walked back past the carcases of three kangaroos that were lying on the side of the road, in various states of deterioration and sun-bleaching of bones.

The hash was *at* a locked gate in the fence into the Canberra Nature Park's "Mount Mugga Mugga Reserve". I went between strands of the wire fence and found the tree of the hash, just metres into the bush/park-land.

I saluted the tree, dressed in my "Cavalry" gear.