2013-01-10 30 -93

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Thu 10 Jan 2013 in 30,-93:
30.1002400, -93.9586309

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Hash co-ordinates given by the small hash inquiry tool as 30.100240 North, 93.958631 West. Just slightly off a set of accesible train tracks near Vidor, Texas.

Started the expedition in Sam Houston Jones State Park, just outside Lake Charles, Louisiana.

While we did not complete the Hash exactly we got pretty close at 30.10073 North, 93.96047 West, within sight of the geohash.



I've been wanting to hash for a while but in my home area (Sydney, Australia) the hash is usually in the water, inaccessible bush or private property. At the moment me and my fellow geohasher Carmel are traveling cross country in a campervan from New York to Los Angeles and I was pretty excited when I checked the hash and saw that it was only about 10 miles off our planned route to Houston Texas for the day, so we decided to give it a go.

After leaving the lovely surrounds of Sam Houston Jones state park and crossing the border into Texas we turned off the I-10 and followed our GPS down through some pretty farm land towards the hash. Things started to go a little sour as we approached the hash though, I'd checked beforehand and seen that the hash was located just off a set of railway tracks that looked like we should be able to walk down them. Unfortunately as we got closer to the hash the surroundings turned from nice looking farmland to some pretty run down houses, a lot of stray dogs and more trash on the side of the road than you could poke a stick at (including the bellow pictured fish heads, which were right near the hash with two empty cases of beer and plenty of other rubbish). When we arrived at the closest point on the road to the hash at the railway crossing we felt a bit nervous about getting out and walking down the tracks since it definitely seemed like we were in the kind of place where people might not take well to that so we settled for taking a photo of the hash point and hurrying on our way.

I'm not counting this as a completed hash though I will definitely award my self the Chickened Out ribbon since that's exactly what happened.



Toby earned the Prize poultry Consolation Prize
by chickening out on the (30, -93) geohash on 2013-01-10 because he didn't have the cojones to walk on the tracks in that part of town.....