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Sun 6 Jan 2013 in 51,0:
51.4995440, 0.3618946

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Outside Whitecroft's Farm, near Grays.



There was honestly no planning for this... it just happened.


On this grim, miserable Sunday, we needed to do something to cheer ourselves up. "Hey, I know," said my wife, "let's go to the tip!"

... okay, then!

While packing the car full of all the things we needed to get rid of, I decided to take a look at today's hashpoint. After all (I reasoned), maybe it'll be quite close, and I can persuade her to-

Huh. That's funny. I'm sure that's the road to the tip...

So! With about five minutes warning, off we set for a combined hashpoint/rubbish tip. The drive was easy, the roads were clear, and, hey, is that Whitecroft's Farm like on Google Earth?

Apparently so. So at least we knew where it was - although not, as yet, whether we could get in. Onwards to the tip!

With that... let's say 'delightful'... task fulfilled, the moment of truth was at hand. Was the hashpoint accessible? Was it private land? Were we to be thwarted at the final hurdle? We drove the final stretch with trepidation, evident on the faces of all (except the one who was two, whose face was more of a "Mummy, why are you taking photos?"). And then we read the fateful sign:

The Whitecroft Residential Care Home

"Oh, it's just full of old people," said I. "In we go!"

Down the drive, round the corner, and the hash was in sight! Okay, it was blocked by a car, but since my name isn't Famous McFilmstar, I wasn't about to go sliding across the roof or anything.

All right, I was tempted. But I was distracted by another thought: Wasn't there a car there on Google Earth, too...? Yes, it turns out. And I think it's the same car...

Hashpoint achieved! Stupid Grin photographed! The usual Huinesoron complete-lack-of-evidence assembled! Time to head home, and

Suddenly, horse.