2013-01-05 42 -90

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Sat 5 Jan 2013 in 42,-90:
42.8008605, -90.7884382

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Off County Road N, east of Beetown, WI


SwensonJ and kids


I'll try for the XKCD 4pm meetup; my Displaced origin geohash achievement at 1977-02-25 42 -90 is about a mile from here, so I'll try to go there either before or after this one.

If anyone's interested, please let me know! All done!


This is part one of a pseudomultihash.

My kids and I (Swensonj) left home about 3:15, leaving my wife some alone time at home to rewire some light switches. It's a drive of about half an hour to the hashpoint, and it went well: the roads were good despite the cold weather.

The hashpoint was off Bee Road, a mile-long dead-end road terminating in a farm driveway. The homeowner was out, tossing corn cobs along the side of the drive. We asked his permission to walk across the field, and he said it wasn't his, but that the owner probably wouldn't mind. We did drive up to the owner's house, but they seemed to be away -- the lights were out and there wasn't a car visible in the dooryard.

The kids put on their snowshoes, but the snow didn't look that deep to me, so I decided to leave mine in the van. This was a mistake: where the snow had drifted, my feet sank in deeply. Still, the hashpoint wasn't far from the road, and my feet didn't have time to get all that cold or wet. The GPS registered the perfect location almost immediately, and we were ready to turn around.

Well... I was. The kids wanted to stomp around a bit in their snowshoes. I reminded them, though, that we had a retrohash to visit, which would mean a longer walk. This was the main reason we went out today: the point for my [[Displaced origin geohash achievement was about a mile from this hashpoint, in a direct line. It seemed better, though, to drive around the other three sides of a square on section roads, and take a shorter walk to part two of our adventure.



Swensonj earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -90) geohash on 2013-01-05.
2013-01-05 42 -90 Proof.jpg
Swensonj earned the Two to the N achievement
by attempting to reach 24 hashpoints on 2013-01-05 42 -90 and is promoted to Level 4 (Expeditions).
Swensonj earned the Pseudomultihash achievement
by visiting the retrohash 1977-02-25 42 -90 and the (42, -90) geohash on 2013-01-05.