2013-01-03 39 -83

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Thu 3 Jan 2013 in 39,-83:
39.6917533, -83.9113634

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Inside an electrical power grid distribution sub-station in Xenia, OH



No plans; luckily was in the area


I was in the area and checked my phone at the opening bell; to my surprise, I was ~10 miles from the 39,-83 hash point and had time.

When I arrived, I was very hopeful for a Frozen Hash Achievement (25F/ -4C); my hopes started failing when I walked up to the fence. "No problem" I thought, "the point is just on the other side."

Unfortunately, I was wrong: when I walked around the fence, I found I was making a nice box around the point. I've dealt with electrical power to know jumping the fence was a very bad idea. So I took pics and headed back to my car.

Speaking of pics:



  • Missed Frozen Geohash because, well, I didn't get to the hash point
  • However
Whoa Knock earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (39, -83) geohash on 2013-01-03.
2012-01-03 39 -83 Keep Out.jpg