2012-12-27 53 -2

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On a residential street in Norbury Moor, Stockport

Thu 27 Dec 2012 in Manchester:
53.3671848, -2.1212199

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It was during the Christmas holidays and MagicIan was staying at his parents' house near Stockport. This presented him with a new graticule to try and add to his list.

His opportunity came on the 27th December when the hashpoint was fairly conveniently located only a few miles away and on a residential road.

The 'expedition' (if it can be called such) was uneventful - a short drive and he found himself stood opposite the hashpoint. It was located on somebody's driveway. He could've stood there, or rang the bell to see if anyone was home, but he chickened out and contented himself with a photo instead.


Nothing of note