2012-12-27 33 -84

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Thu 27 Dec 2012 in Atlanta:
33.5294446, -84.3498618

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In a wooded lot next to a cemetery in Jonesboro.


I drove out to this Cemetery after work hoping that this would be an easy one. It was only 20 feet into a wooded lot. I got there and parked in the cemetery. It was pitch dark overcast and with out a moon. I walked across the single lane road that had no cars. I didn't have a flash light and was hoping that nothing alive would jump out at me as I walked into the thick brush. I heard rustling around of some small animal but nothing attacked me, well except for the dense brush I was getting hit in the face with. I got to 21 feet to go and started doing the GPS dance the best that I could. The eTrex would wildly fluctuate with the overcast sky and thick dense brush that I has walked into.

I gave up doing the dance at 28 feet and took a few pictures. I then headed back to the truck the same way that I walked in. I gave my respects for the dead and got back in my truck. I then drove home to Norcross.