2012-12-23 53 -6

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Sun 23 Dec 2012 in 53,-6:
53.5585921, -6.5100048

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The hash is on some kind of field.



Planning to take the bus out to Ross Cross and walk from there. Shouldn't be too long, maybe a few hours round trip.


The bus ride wasn't very interesting. I realised that if you travel just a few kilometres outside of Dublin, it feels like you're a thousand leagues from civilization. You see abandoned tractors stacked on top of each other, just next to a whole courtyard full of seemingly working tractors, and churches with tractor tyres as flower boxes.

However, shortly after passing through this desolate place, we reached our stop. After getting off the bus, we took a few minutes to navigate ourselves and then took the first right and began our journey. Not much happened, we were a bit surprised to find that not only a side walk existed, it was wide enough for three people to walk next to each other. We passed another church with tractor tyres as flower boxes, a statue of some saint or something, a graveyard.

When we reached a crossroad, we realised that we probably could have taken another bus much closed, but we didn't really mind. Never wrong with a free walk. We took a right at the crossroad, and now we were at the last real road on our journey (or so we thought at the moment). Instead of a side walk, this road had mud. And loads of it. But the road wasn't very busy, so we could just walk on the road. At one point on this road, there was an extremely tropical feeling. It smelled like damp soil and some kind of plant (couldn't identify what plant), and it was extremely green on this particular point, and on top of that, you could hear the water pouring very clearly next to the road. We tried to catch the mood with a photo, but we failed horribly.

Maybe half an hour later, we reached the point where it was time to leave the safe road, and enter the unexplored domain. We searched for the best place for a while, and we agreed that the best path would be through a sheep pen. Henrik brought up the brilliant point that we should look up if sheep were aggressive or not, and how fast the ran. I tried to Google this but I didn't really find anything, and the connection out there was not the best, so I couldn't bother continue searching. The only thing I found was something in style with "Warning: Aggressive sheep in the UK", but I choose not to the others that until after we had passed the sheep pen.

When we had passed the sheep pen, we saw an enormous house with like a long road leading up to just that house and nothing else, and if we'd learned anything from fiction, it is that rich people are pure evil... So we tried to walk as far away from that house as possible, since they may not be all too happy about three randoms walking in their sheep pen and on their fields. How far away we walked was not entirely up to us though, as all fields were surrounded by thorny shurbs.

To be continued. (It's 100 degrees Celsius in my room, can't stand to be here for much longer)