2012-12-21 45 -122

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Fri 21 Dec 2012 in 45,-122:
45.4505885, -122.6505921

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[edit] Location

The backyard of an upscale area near a golf course in Milwauke

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

It was pretty near work, so I'll try to go by at lunch time

[edit] Expedition

I printed out a map and programmed my GPS and headed out for lunch and a hashpoint. It was pretty much a straight shot from work, at least initially.

I ended up wandering a fair bit on little nearby roads before I finally found the house that was hiding the hashpoint. I didn't disturb the folks, but took a few pictures and headed off to find lunch. (I ended up with a somewhat scorched noodle dish at nearby Thai place that I have no plans to return to.)

[edit] Photos

In Camera

[edit] Achievements

  • No Trespassing