2012-12-20 45 -122

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Thu 20 Dec 2012 in 45,-122:
45.4812595, -122.6756628

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Front yard of a set of apartments near Macadam Blvd in SW Portland.



This hashpoint appears accessible, and is on my way to work! And today is a day I would be driving anyway, so it all works out nicely.


Expedition One[edit]

I was going to go by on my way into work. I figured I would just turn right as soon as I started to head north alongside the river. However, it turned out it was a limited access section of 43, so nothing presented itself, and there was one section that was isolated, so I bailed until later in the day.

Expedition Two[edit]

I figured I'd go at lunch time, and when I finally got out of work, I headed there. It actually was pretty close to work, if you don't count the river that's between work and the hashpoint. (Actually, technically, I suspect the river is between most of the continent and the hashpoint!)

I headed towards the hashpoint, and found it in short order, parking in front of the apartment building. I hit 7 feet while standing on the sidewalk, and considered that close enough. I took some pictures, and headed off to "Bamboo Grove", which is a Hawaiian place right nearby for lunch, and then back to work.


In camera


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