2012-12-19 55 -2

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Wed 19 Dec 2012 in 55,-2:
55.9103317, -2.9641948

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A field near Ormiston.



Shane hopes to divert Ewan to the location. We are likely to be cycling in the area anyway.


Shane had noticed that last Saturday *and* Sunday the locations had been very accessible, but had a bad cold over the weekend and couldn't face cycling to them. Today he felt much better, and cycling was on the cards anyway - after a morning visit to the dentist.

We got the train to Drem and cycled over to Haddington before heading mostly East with the predicted cold wind now mostly behind us. Our regular route home would have taken us along the railway path around Ormiston, but we diverted through the village and out the other side.

There was a convenient gap in the hedge quite near to the location which was 10 metres or so from the road, in a very muddy field. The field was newly planted, but I reckon I did very little harm walking the short distance across it.

Ewan again declined to enter the field. I think he should get some kind of Michael Collins award for chumming me along to near the hash.

Once I had wiped enough mud off my feet, we cycled on and found the track which led back to the railway path. This was Ewan's reward - a new track!



Shane earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (55, -2) geohash on 2012-12-19.
Michael Collins Award.png
Ewan earned the Michael Collins Award
by accompanying Shane to the immediate vicinity, but not actually going to (55, -2) geohash on 2012-12-19.
2012-12-12 55 -2 inorbit.jpg