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2012-12-16 52 1

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Sun 16 Dec 2012 in Norwich:
52.8960573, 1.3837762

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[edit] Location

A small photovoltaic farm at Trimingham very close to the north east Norfolk coast, UK.

[edit] Participants


[edit] Expedition

After weeks of foul weather and hashpoints in the north sea, it dawned sunny and mild. For once the hashpoint was on dry land and reachable. Google Earth gave little clue about the destination. It looked like a field with easy access and unidentifiable buildings. These turned out to be two static caravans and a few large area photovoltaic panels.

The drive to the hashpoint was really nice with low winter sun lighting the last dregs of autumn. There were harvested fields and winter wheat already germinated. The hedgerows were attractive too.

Every silver lining has a cloud. One unfortunate driver had misjudged a corner and put his car into a tree. It was serious enough to need an ambulance, police and fire engine.

[edit] Photos

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