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Fri 14 Dec 2012 in 51,10:
51.0489428, 10.9548135

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Rincewind planned to pick up Yakamoz from her ride and go together hashing.


The IKEA store as a meeting point was perfect for Yakamoz to do some quick shopping at her favourite store. Meanwhile, Rincewind could eat a "typical" Swedish dinner - Köttbullar, dumplings and mushroom sauce. After Rincewind was happy with his dinner and Yakamoz with her bargains, the next destination was a dairy cattle farm in Elxleben. The farm was lighted and fencing, but a sign said "Do not trespass", so we couldn't reach the coordinates. They were about 115m on the territory of the farm... - We tried the (outdoor) doorbell, but noone reacted- probably due to the hum and drone of the milking machines. Nothing to be done about it and off back home!

Side note: Erfurt has one village named Elxleben to the north, and one to the south. Huh?





Absolutely none of relevance.