2012-12-14 46 10

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Fri 14 Dec 2012 in 46,10:
46.0489428, 10.9548135

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Somewhere around a carwash in Sarche, Trento. Likely to not be accessible (no trespassing)




I haven't been geohashing for almost three months now- a span of time during which the few hashes I could reach were on unlucky days (I have been checking and hoping since my last expedition.

So even though this will most likely turn out to be a No Trespassing consolation prize, I'll enjoy a short after-school trip. As always, I will be travelling by public transport.

Will leave from Trento at 12.55 pm, should have more than 30 minutes in Sarche, and then get back (I have to be in town at 3).

It may snow tomorrow- in that case, I'll have to decide whether it sounds clever to leave and experience delays, traffic chaos and bad weather or not.


Despite the forecasting stating that snow wouldn't fall until late in the evening, it has been snowing all morning. While the city itself is handling it reasonably well (no big traffic jams or accidents, so far), I decided not to go as the chances of not making it in time are too big. Hope I will get another hash near here soon...

So yeah, the Livigno graticule stays a virgin for the time being.