2012-12-12 47 -122

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Wed 12 Dec 2012 in Seattle:
47.2316550, -122.2945172

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At the edge of an outbuilding in Edgewood.



A month and a half is far too long for the Seattle graticule to go without a geohash. To be fair, most of those would have required military clearance or water wings.

Wednesday night I was headed to Tacoma to have a pint with a pal and saw that the Geohash was likely to be achievable. Expedition!

After the pint, I drove to the spot, parking right beside the closed business. Mostly dark, with the only illumination from the very bright sign.

  • It's weird to sit watching the geohashdroid and see the dot - not the map - move. -- Thomcat @47.2316,-122.2945 20:43, 12 December 2012 (PST)

This was the strange bit - I was parked, and the map was not moving a bit, but the dot actually slid around a little on the screen. Was it moving out of the way of the arrow? No idea. Anyhow, the closest I could get a reading was 5.5 meters, and on geohashdroid that ended up green - I am guessing due to the metal building and rain. The actual spot was (according to the photo) inside that building, which was not accessible after hours anyhow.

12-12-12 geohash achieved!