2012-12-12 26 -80

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Wed 12 Dec 2012 in 26,-80:
26.2316550, -80.2945172

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In the parking lot of the blandest office park in the world. In Coral Springs, near the Sawgrass Expressway.


Million zillion


Worked from home in the morning, then stopped at the hashpoint on the way into the office.


I arrived at the hashpoint a little before noon, in the parking lot of a cluster of small office buildings. I'm no expert in architecture, but it's clear that whoever designed this place did not expect any of its tenants to do anything exciting, innovative, interesting, or generally of any value whatsoever to the human race. You could fall asleep just walking up to the front door.

The hashpoint was on the little loop road connecting the buildings. After taking a few pictures of that, I walked around to the nearest offices to see what sort of things went on around here. The most interesting feature of these offices is that the signs listing the address and tenants of each building look just like tombstones...