2012-12-09 42 -88

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Sun 9 Dec 2012 in Schaumburg, Illinois:
42.1711597, -88.0247772

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On the property of a landscaping business in Long Grove.


  • I doubt I'll be able to reach the hashpoint itself, but since I'll be nearby anyway, I'll swing by and give it a shot that afternoon. -Haberdasher 13:15, 7 December 2012 (EST)



The hashpoint, or at least our closest approach to it, really was on the way in between errands, so getting there wasn't an issue.

I knew, going into this, that I probably couldn't reach the hashpoint, since it was clearly on company property likely not open to the public. However, I quickly discovered upon turning the corner that my closest approach would be even further from the hash than I thought. I'd discovered through Google Maps that the road had two branches, one to the left containing a building and cars in an orderly arrangement and one to the right containing rocks and a clearing, the latter branch containing the hashpoint. I had assumed that the left branch was a parking lot and store for the Brickman Group landscaping company which owned the property, and that the right branch would be fenced off. Instead, a sign helpfully informed me that the property was "Brickman Deliveries", while the gate in front of us similarly informed me that both branches were in fact off-limits to outsiders like me. The left branch was presumably a storage area, then, and the parking lot one for delivery trucks rather than customers. I took pictures of the sign, gate, and GPS before heading off into the quickly-darkening night.



Haberdasher earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (42, -88) geohash on 2012-12-09.