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2012-11-29 -35 149a.jpg

Thu 29 Nov 2012 in -35,149:
-35.1625608, 149.0977453

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On the road surface of a parking bay on the north-bound lane (western side -- this is Australia!) of Plimsoll Drive (off Springbank Rise), a divided (separate up-down) suburban through-road in the new suburb of Casey in the developing Gungahlin town centre of Canberra.





On the way home from work, probably about 5.30pm. This will be a "drive-by" with pictures. However, as the site is quite close to the end of the dedicated parking bay, the fastest practical drive-by through the hash will be at very low speed. Of course, there might be a car parked right at the spot, and then I'll put a Geohash brochure under the windscreen wiper and get a pic of that.



I drove to where I thought the suburb was, but had taken a wrong turn somewhere as "all the new suburbs look alike". When I finally got to the hash point, the parking bay was clear so I parked just behind the spot and then took some pictures of the hash point, the building site beside the spot and the large tree over the road. I put a printed version of this page in the letterbox of the nearest house. To leave the spot, I "drove through" the hash point as I left the parking bay and returned to the roadway.