2012-11-28 -37 143

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Wed 28 Nov 2012 in -37,143:
-37.4212409, 143.8777990

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2012-11-28 -37 143 15-07-05-222.jpg

Originally we had planned to visit the geohash wihch we thought was attainable and grab a milkshake in Creswick nearby. I was required to be at work within the hour and lady had to be at a job interview appointment so it was a rushed hash. We headed up Gillies Road and popped into one of those nice tunnels on Bald Hills road on the way which was nice. This is my first successful geohash with the new car. "How new?" I hear you ask. I had not yet had it roadworthied, registered or insured, so luckily nothing untoward went down, but we did enjoy the air conditioning. When we got close to the hash we hopped out into the blistering heat, the cicadas were making that chirping noise that makes it feel like the little part of Australia you're in is on fire, we stumbled through long dead grass, stamping our feet to keep the snakes away. It didn't take too long to find the point, but it was so hot we quickly ran back to the air-conditioned car.