2012-11-15 42 27

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Thu 15 Nov 2012 in 42,27:
42.9115158, 27.7640643

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[edit] Location

In an oak forest near Unec village.

[edit] Participants

Kisolre and Vania.

[edit] Plans

To have a walk in the forest if the weather and terrain were appropriate.

[edit] Expedition

We drove the main road to about 400m from the hash. There was unpaved road to about 160m but our car has low clearance and I didn't want to take any chances. We followed the unpaved road to the nearest possible point and then went in to the forest. There was a meteo observation site or something like that near the hash. It seemed abandoned. The forest was not very dense so no problem reaching the hash. We took some pictures and headed home.

[edit] Tracklog

no track log for this expedition :(

[edit] Photos

[edit] Achievements