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2012-11-13 -35 149 letterbox sign.JPG

Tue 13 Nov 2012 in -35,149:
-35.2382889, 149.3517381

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Beside the farm dam on a "private block" in Wamboin, an area to the north-west of Canberra that have become small farmlets with significant houses, rather than the former large open-range sheep and cattle farms. There might be a gate just off the public road, so I may be prevented from getting even a picture of the dam.





A lunchtime drive in the country.



During my lunch break, I drove the roughly 25km and passed two previous geohashes of mine.

I found the short access road and its terminal roundabout as expected. There was a block/farm access road at the roundabout going down to the block with the letterbox and its number (that was faded). Just beyond was a large treee with a prominent sign saying this "Private Property - No Through Road". Accordingly, not wanting to trespass, I remained near the gate and recorded the occasion with photographs, and left a print-out of the Peeron map with a hand-written note to the land owner. The property appears on a local land agent's website from when it last sold, complete with a picture showing in the background the dam and the site of the geohash.

Note: The photos will appear much later in the day.