2012-11-04 -36 145

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Sun 4 Nov 2012 in -36,145:
-36.8422319, 145.7904151

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In a field south of Violet Town at night.

Who went[edit]


Felix Dance[edit]

Similar to the geohash two days ago (2012-11-02 -36 145), Steve and I were this time on our way BACK from Nug Nug after a successful mountain biking/brewery frequenting trip when we discovered the whereabouts of this hash.

Deciding a few minutes before the turn-off to go for it, we again left the Hume Freeway at Violet Town, this time to head south towards the point. This time we spent a fair bit of time negotiating the interesting winding roads of the Strathbogies before reaching the closest point. This one was only 200m from the road, and had an openable gate access. The path to the hash was between two paddocks, with an appealing gum-tree-lined four wheel drive track to get us there. Stepping over a partly-broken barbed-wire fence we found ourselves immediately at the hash. We took some photos, saw no cattle, and departed. Our route home took us on a completely different path, negotiating unsealed roads of a previous cycle tour and passing through the town of Yea to arrive in Melbourne from the east, rather than north.

If only we'd been bothered to do the previous day's geohash near Beechworth we would have got three in a row :(

For reference, here is the route we took on Google Maps.

Hash reached: 7:30pm