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Tue 30 Oct 2012 in 49,7:
49.2965765, 7.0338569

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In the woods, near an (apparent) water reservoir (TBC) between Dudweiler and Sulzbach.



We'll try to stop by at about 18:15 for a quick survey. We're not expecting to meet anyone, so will probably just walk by, get a picture, and leave.


We arrived by car (just the two of us). Thankfully the way was either paved or at least very well visible, since we didn't have a torchlight with us and it was already pretty dark out. We took the path up until almost reaching the motorway, followed it for a bit, and arrived at the building Google Maps indicated us to be there.

From then, the usual fiddling with gadgets to confirm our location began. When we were satisfied with our accuracy, we left one of our marker sheets, took the screenshots below, and r007 took a picture of Triqueon for good measure.

As predicted, noone else was there, so we went home again promptly.