2012-10-25 50 10

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Thu 25 Oct 2012 in 50,10:
50.9194837, 10.8791595

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On a field near Neudietendorf, Thuringia, Germany.



We couldn't quite decide if we'd make it two single hashes after work or a midnight double. So instead we went for a no-midnight-double, i.e. trying to get both in a night but explicitely not hitting midnight as we couldn't be asked to get the timing just right (and we both have done our share of midnights ;).


... coming from 2012-10-24 50 10 we drove on to this one for a mere 10 minutes. This time we could even drive right up to the field, yay.

At this point Rincewind brought out his special halloween hashcot (forgot it in the trunk of the car at the first hash of the night) which earned him a couple of strange looks from Mampfred. he hauled it all the way to the hash though and even lighted it up to take the stupid grin shot.

Non-Midnight-Halloween-Remembrance-Hashing 4tw!

  • Forgot? Naaw, I just thought the same joke is only funny once. I even changed my shoes extra fast to hide the pumpkin from Mampfred in the trunk for a surprise. :) Everybody should have a Hashkin (TM). [Rincewind]


See here combined for both hashes.



  • Land
  • Consecutive x 2