2012-10-21 47 8

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Sun 21 Oct 2012 in 47,8:
47.0883282, 8.4197975

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The geohash is near Küssnacht am Rigi (canton Schwyz).

Who went[edit]

TheOneRing - by public transport.

The Expedition[edit]


Das war ja so klar. This is a common phrase in Germany, saying that it was obvious to happen. From the satellite map, the geohash was at a meadow and it was a good opportunity to try. It should be the first geohash for three month.

The weather forecast was very optimistic and it was right; very nice and warm. I went by train to Küssnacht am Rigi via Lucerne. From the train station it was a walk of 1.5km to get to the geohash. When there were 200m left, it seemed to be very difficult to reach the geohash: sheep everywhere. I walked as close as I could get, but with a final distance of 34m, an electric fence blocked my way. Behind the fence, a group of Sheepoceraptors were out at feed.

It was private property and I didn't want to disturb them, so I left with a disappointed feeling.

Afterwards I walked through Küssnacht am Rigi to the Lake Lucerne and finally back to the train station.



Nothing special was to see, apart from Sheepoceraptors; maybe later.


TheOneRing earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (47, 8) geohash on 2012-10-21.