2012-10-21 -37 143

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Sun 21 Oct 2012 in -37,143:
-37.0883282, 143.4197975

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Private Paddock in Percydale



Middle of the night, we decided to head north to the geohash, it was a ways away and I was quite fatigued but we had the big car and you know what they say about opportunity knocking. We had dillied and dallied about going to the hash all day and now we finally had the chance at about 11PM. I'm quite familiar with some of the land around here so we managed to make it there in no time, but when we got there we found there was a fence blocking our way, shame but it's another notch in my belt for my Posted achievement. When we got back to town we found it had passed the hour of midnight and the next hash was ridiculously close by. To be continued... 2012-10-22 -37 143

there are photos but they will come another day when I retrieve them from friend's phone.