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Fri 19 Oct 2012 in Regensburg, Germany:
49.0198242, 12.1068597

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In the Donau river in Regensburg, next to Villa Park.


... went there by bike not long before midnight - he would have normally gone there at noon on his way to work anyway, but as luck would have it, he had taken just that day off before the coordinates became known. The exact spot was about 20m into the river, so he couldn't reach it today. (However, one of his many previous tracklogs of cycling past this point on the cycleway next to the river, from back in 2008, happens to include a point just 45cm away from the coordinates, due to sub-optimal GPS accuracy...)

In summer, a hashpoint in this location would have been the ideal excuse to kayak to work... ;-) (and also, tourist cruise ships often park along that side of the river, and one might have reached the spot by walking onto them)