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West of -30°: .9626230, .2547169
East of -30°: .0198242, .1068597
Globalhash: -86.431647860532, -141.53051719989 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

San Diego, California Stephen Cerruti, d*, LucasBrown, Mathgeek Open space (hopefully) near Racetrack View Dr. in Del Mar. - Mathgeek 09:20...
Lawrence, Kansas IamaJayhawk, keroro117 24:00, zeero88 24:00, 10/6/2012, enfinety 24:00 In a sorority on Kansas University campus
Toronto, Ontario NWoodruff & Daughter In front of a Catholic school in Stoufville.
Regensburg, Germany dawidi In the Donau river in Regensburg, next to Villa Park.
Bremen, Germany pah, lena A (harvested) corn field in near to Wardenburg, about 10 kilometers south o...

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