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2012-10-18 51 12

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Thu 18 Oct 2012 in 51,12:
51.2915336, 12.6914150

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[edit] Location

On a small road in the village of Altenhain near Leipzig.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Inverse Retro Expedition

This hash is so incredibly close to a hash in July 2011 - just 7 m down the road - that Manu and Reinhard have already been there and even deserve the INVERSE RETRO HASH SPEED RACER ACHIEVEMENT.

There's no need to go there again tomorrow!

[edit] Photos of the old expedition on 2011-07-21

It's within a speed-limit-of-30-zone.  
Coordinates reached.  
The hashers at the spot.  
Speed racer!  
Frère Krabbe and Crabman at Grillensee/Naunhofer See.