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Thu 18 Oct 2012 in 51,12:
51.2915336, 12.6914150

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On a small road in the village of Altenhain near Leipzig.


Inverse Retro Expedition[edit]

This hash is so incredibly close to a hash in July 2011 - just 7 m down the road - that Manu and Reinhard have already been there and even deserve the INVERSE RETRO HASH SPEED RACER ACHIEVEMENT.

There's no need to go there again tomorrow!

Photos of the old expedition on 2011-07-21[edit]

It's within a speed-limit-of-30-zone.  
Coordinates reached.  
The hashers at the spot.  
Speed racer!  
Frère Krabbe and Crabman at Grillensee/Naunhofer See.