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Tue 16 Oct 2012 in -37,143:
-37.4783900, 143.6026741

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Farmers paddock near Lake Burrumbeet



We headed along the highway through Burrumbeet towards beaufort, it was dusk so the sun was in my eyes and I couldn't see street signs, which is why we originally missed the turn we were going to take onto Dobsons Lane so we had to go the long way. Down Modesty Lane and then looping around past "Black Swamp" (Which I didn't even know existed!!) When we came to the area we found it to be a paddock of farmland, and even more alarming was the farmer was RIGHT THERE! As we were taking pictures of his cyclone gate for proof we made the voyage, he asked us if we were lost and trying to get phone reception. To avoid an altercation (and a lengthy explanation of geohashing that would leave the farmer stood there in his gumboots scratching his head) I did what any good citizen should do... lied to a stranger. "Na I'm just taking some photos for an art project I'm working on." before I quickly returned to the vehicle and high-tailed it back home. This has been my first encounter with a local while hashing. In hindsight if I'd asked the farmer nicely I think he would've let us into his paddock, he seemed like a nice person. Bummer.

Oh yeah I'm counting this as another no trespassing consolation prize towards my 100 necessary for the Posted achievement.