2012-10-15 60 22

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Mon 15 Oct 2012 in 60,22:
60.4538044, 22.1561817

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Hashpoint ended up in an easily accesible cycleway some kilometers west from Turku city centre, in Perno suburb.




It was a cold rainy evening, too ugly weather for a geocache. Fortunately, today's hashpoint was very conveniently located close to a Siwa's parking lot. So, I drove some 5 kilometers to the place. This time I used Android's geohashing application. It seemed to work just perfectly and even uploaded the pictures. Saves a lot of time since I am not very good in editing these pages :)

Nothing special really about his geohash, ugly weather and ugly neighbourhood... Still, it gave me a reason to go out. Oh yes, I also bought a bottle of Jaffa from nearby Siwa. Boy, was that refreshing!

- Suurnesu

It was a very rainy evening but I still decided to do a little evening cycling here. It was raining all the time while I cycled there and it was raining heavily so I were quite throughly wet when I reached the geohash after 8,3 kilometers of cycling. Luckily hash wasn't in deep woods or somewhere else that could require some hiking, it was an easily accessed location right on the pathway. So I could take the "required" photo while sitting on my bike. :) Location wasn't anything special, Perno is just a common suburb of Turku, nothing fancy or neat views to see. But a good reason to get out anyway!

- nsk