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2012-10-09 47 -122

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Tue 9 Oct 2012 in Seattle:
47.8067439, -122.1316724

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[edit] Location

Private property in north Bothell/Woodinville.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Expedition

Less than 5km from work (barely), but likely private property. Worth an expedition regardless of the outcome.

It was easy enough to get to, and was marked Private Property. My lovely Android phone locked up while taking a picture with GeoHash Droid loaded (not sure why those two won't get along), so I was parked in front of the gentleman's open gate for minutes while I waited for the phone to restart and get back to where I was. Nobody showed up to say hi or ask me in, so I uploaded my picture and headed home.

[edit] Photos

[edit] Achievements

Thomcat earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (47, -122) geohash on 2012-10-09.
2012-10-09 47 -122 16-50-27-839.jpg