2012-10-08 47 -122

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Mon 8 Oct 2012 in 47,-122:
47.0565762, -122.4743572

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[edit] Location

Hash location was on the grounds of Joint Base Lewis McChord, not accessible to the public, Failed to reach actual point.

[edit] Participants


[edit] Plans

The actual point is not reachable due to it being part of a military installation, But I plan on getting as close as legally possible.

[edit] Expedition

This being my first actual geohash attempt, I went off knowing I would fail to reach the actual coordinates. Rode out from Lakewood, hoping to get as close as possible to the actual hash knowing I couldn't actually reach it legally. But any excuse for a ride in good weather is good enough. Went to the closest safe pull off point, parked the bike snapped a quick pic at around 4:15 pm, rode off again. Nothing to serious, just an easy goal for me as my first attempt.

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