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Sun 7 Oct 2012 in 50,11:
50.8601645, 11.5631212

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In a forest near Leutra



Two points in a row, I must be crazy. "But the point was too close to miss it." It’s a sentence Juja must have implanted in my brain.

But indeed, the point was close. There were two options to go to the point. The first one: Taking the short way to Leutra, parking the bike at the bottom of the hill and going the last 800 meters on foot. Or the second one: cycling the long way around the hill and driving from the back side directly to the point.

I had chosen the first option and cycled the way to Maua, that I used to go to work in former times. And surprise, surprise, the new bike path beside the B88 between Jena and Maua is opened. I parked my bike on the dirt road that goes from Leutra to Bucha at the bottom of the hill were the point was on. Today the old rule "The point is always on top of the hill" had proven true again. So I climbed up the 160 m from here to the point. (160m up at a length of 800m). The rest was easy. Pictures taken, finished.


The new bike path to Maua.  
The bike parked at the bottom of the hill.  
The path up the hill (gradient of 20 %).  
Coordinates reached.  
The area beside the point. No brushwood ...  
... and the point. Brushwood everywhere.  
Räbe, the huntsman.