2012-10-04 45 -121

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Thu 4 Oct 2012 in 45,-121:
45.8146961, -121.9287584

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Bunker Hill.



Get out and take a walk on the PCT. Then look for a trail that goes up Bunker Hill. There should be one somewhere.


I didn't get to the hash. It was 450 feet to the east, and 350 feet down from my closest approach. But I know why I play this game. In a short phrase : places like Bunker Hill, outside Carson WA. From the car, a 2 miles hike, up from 1083 elev to 2368 ft at the hill top. And 1125 vertical feet in the 5030 lineal feet from the junction of the PCT to the top of the hill. The view was nice.




Not reached