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Sun 30 Sep 2012 in 48,9:
48.9578945, 9.7687397

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In a forest. Not that far away from something that was either a street or a trail on the map.

Looking at the map, the area seemed flat and the hash like an easy target :)



It was Saturday evening, we did some learning and after that we wanted to have some adventure. Options were going out to the [Stuttgarter Volksfest] or hashing. DarkMark voted against bad music and at least 3 liters of beer, so hashing was the goal. As it was late in the evening, we thought this might be the right time to do a double hash, the Saturday and the Sunday hash in one expedition. The Saturday hash was easy enough, so now we headed for the Sunday location.


The way there was already longer than we expected. Less than 50km from the previous hash, we thought to be able to get there in no time. But...

There was fog.

There were hills.

There were no straight roads.

Actually this should not have been a surprise, we both knew the area where we were heading. The car took us as close to the spot as possible, and it was already well past midnight. Less than 300 meters. We should be on our way back in no time.

There was fog.

Then there was the forest. A thick forest.

There were rivers (ok, only streams actually).

There were slopes and steep faces.

There was mud.

There was no mobile phone network.

The last one hit us hard. We had no maps, half of our tools were suddenly useless as they stopped to function properly since all the data is in the clouds. At least one phone had cached the coordinates. We had the idea to also save the car's coordinates, just in case. We did not believe that we would need them.

We started in the forest and found a bridge to cross a river. We took note of spots so that we would have it easy to find our way back.



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