2012-09-29 48 9

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Sat 29 Sep 2012 in 48,9:
48.5718737, 9.7560506

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In a corn field between Stuttgart and Ulm.



It was Saturday evening, we did some learning and after that we wanted to have some adventure. Options were going out to the [Stuttgarter Volksfest] or hashing. DarkMark voted against bad music and at least 3 liters of beer, so hashing was the goal. As it was late in the evening, we thought this might be the right time to do a double hash, the Saturday and the Sunday hash in one expedition.


We were able to drive most of the route by car. The weather was foggy and wet, but it was not raining. Still the ground was wet, and we had to walk the last kilometer. We were not prepared for that, and soon we could feel the water between our toes with every step. And awful feeling. But we reached the hash without problems and were motivated to also get the second one in the same night.



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