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Wed 26 Sep 2012 in Cambridge, UK:
52.2261484, 0.9205632

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A field just outside Elmswell, Suffolk. Footpaths pass quite close to the hashpoint, and it should be accessible at this time of year.



The hashpoint is about 2.5 km from Elmswell station, and Elmswell is on the Cambridge-Ipswich train line. There are hourly trains leaving Cambridge at 43 minutes past the hour, arriving at Elmswell at 35 minutes past; and hourly trains returning from Elmswell at 42 minutes past, arriving at Cambridge at 39 minutes past. Assuming an hour is sufficient to walk to the hashpoint, take photos and return, the expedition should take around three hours. Return tickets cost £13.00. Ben will be aiming for the 13:43 or 14:43 train from Cambridge, depending on what time he can leave work.


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