2012-09-26 -37 143

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Wed 26 Sep 2012 in -37,143:
-37.2261484, 143.9205632

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Private paddock in Campbelltown.



Having cracked the poos with civilization and society in general we shot North through Creswick to Smeaton, where I was contaced by mum, her car had broken down again and she needed the spare key or some petrol or something, but I told her I was in Smeaton and apologised. Then we continued through smeaton to Turkey hill road, which was a beautiful rich red coloured road. The hash was inside a sheep paddock so we couldn't legally access it, but it's another step towards my posted avhievement. I let lady navigate the way home and we made it, although the route was a little circuitous.


Another no trespassing consolation prize, which means another step towards my 100 no trespassing's that adds up to a Posted achievement.